Graines Collection

Collection Graines Tapis Laines Paysannes
Carpet collection Graines - Laines Paysannes
Carpet Graines collection - Laines Paysanness

The Graines collection carpets reflect our desire to shine a light on the world of farming, and in particular the world of seeds. In connection with the capsule collection in our wardrobe, a whole universe of wool and farmers’ seeds has sprouted in the workshop! Woven fields of wheat or plots sown with sunflowers, each carpet is a landscape, the one we pass through as the seasons change. This collection offers a meticulous exploration of woven stitches: bouclette, knotted stitch, wheat stitch… they grow under our feet!

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All our models could be tailor-made with the dimensions of your choice.

Let's take the time to discuss your projects.


We believe in a fairer form of production for people and nature. Our material are harvested and sorted by hand, and processed in Ariège. We are uncompromising about the quality and full traceability of our woolmade rugs.



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Présentez-nous votre projet et vos envies : les modèles qui vous inspirent, les
dimensions souhaitées…Nous reviendrons vers vous dès réception de votre message.
Vous pouvez également nous joindre au 05 61 60 96 48 pour prendre rendez-vous avec Sarah, notre tisserande.

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