The Laines Paysannes workshops

A “Laines Paysannes” wool rug is a unique piece, both raw and elegant. Woven at home in the Laines Paysannes workshop, these rugs highlight the beauty of local wools and sign the link between the different links of the Ariégoise wool industry.
The rugs are meant to be simple and comfortable, spaces for meeting and relaxation, where time simply stretches out in a different way.

Carpet Zoom
Hand weaving
Basco-Béarnaise sheep
Preamble carpet in living room
Carpet Yarn Cones


In the era of the globalized textile industry, opaque and disconnected from its environment, our relationship to clothing, to fabric, has been transformed.

However, in everything we do, we believe in a simple, human and transparent way of connecting textiles to Nature, through a material that takes care of people and the earth, wool. Because we defend a virtuous textile industry, we are convinced that recreating the link between animals, materials and know-how is essential.

To move the lines, we work hand in hand with those who make the textile: sheep, breeders, creators, craftsmen and industrialists. Our offices and workshops are next to the fields where the herds graze.

Every year during shearing, we go from farm to farm to harvest and select the most beautiful local wools. One hand in the material and one foot in the creation, we work as a team with determination and kindness to create beautiful, authentic, unique and quality textile pieces. They accompany you on a daily basis and over the years.

While we pursue our commitment: to sow a free, transparent and poetic fashion.

The Laines Paysannes team.


We imagine and manufacture in our workshop contemporary rugs woven by hand in wool from the Pyrenees. The models of the InterreLIGNES collection are pieces created in very small series, discover our creations.


The models in the InterreLIGNES collection can be made to measure in the dimensions of your choice. Let’s take the time to discuss your projects.


Decoration professionals and architects, find us on the MOM online platform : Maison & Objet and More

and on the “Oh My Laine” online showroom as part of a collaboration with several designers


Présentez-nous votre projet et vos envies : les modèles qui vous inspirent, les
dimensions souhaitées…Nous reviendrons vers vous dès réception de votre message.
Vous pouvez également nous joindre au 05 61 60 96 48 pour prendre rendez-vous avec Sarah, notre tisserande.

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