Blé Germé

The “Blé germé” model is part of the Graines collection. Twoven in unbleached white wool to bring purity, lightness and luminosity to your interior. This rug is a subtle interplay of wheat stitch and sprouted wheat stitch, a field of seeds seeming to emerge from a neutral background.

Subtle and meticulous weaving of materials and know-how, our rugs are entirely “made in France” woven by hand.
Tailormade, all our models can be adapted to your wishes.
Prices per m² can range from €840 to €940
* Indicative and variable prices depending on the desired dimensions and finishes. Over 150 cm wide, the model will include sewing.
Creations already available
GR56 | Ecru | Grey | 120 x 160 cm
| 1613€ INCL. VAT
GR56 | Ecru | Grey | 115 x 155 cm
| 1497€ INCL. VAT


Présentez-nous votre projet et vos envies : les modèles qui vous inspirent, les
dimensions souhaitées…Nous reviendrons vers vous dès réception de votre message.
Vous pouvez également nous joindre au 05 61 60 96 48 pour prendre rendez-vous avec Sarah, notre tisserande.

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