Rug Silva

The ecru wool rug from the InterreLIGNES collection joins the 2023 color capsule collection for a limited edition. It is a contemporary rug ecru color with a square detail of olive green color and a linar detail of gray color (natural color of the fleece Manech sheep black head). The green colour is obtained thanks to a 100% vegetable dye on a natural anthracite grey yarn base. The wool is harvested and sorted by hand to become yarn. That’s an handmade rug. This spring accent carpet invites you to relax.


This rug is fully woven and hand-sewn on a traditional craft. At the heart of the farm’s pastures, our workshop revives these ancestral techniques of weaving, where the need for hand and natural materials are put in the spotlight.

Tailormade, all our models can be adapted to your wishes.
Price per m² 800€ TTC *
* Indicative and variable prices depending on the desired dimensions and finishes. Beyond 160 cm wide, the model will include sewing work.
Creation already available: 120 x 155 cm | 1480€ incl. VAT | réf n° IL54


Présentez-nous votre projet et vos envies : les modèles qui vous inspirent, les
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